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  • Conversations With My Grandma

    — By Alice on May 21, 2010

    My grandma Noddy is something of a legend. I don’t mean in an awesome, slap on the back, high five, “you’re a legend” kind of way; I mean that her reputation precedes her.

    Often people who I have just met – through mutual friends – say to me, “Oh so and so was just telling me about your Grandma, she sounds hilarious.” It’s kind of weird, but it’s also completely warranted: after all, she’s 5 foot 10, in possession of a serious bosom (read overweight) and has narcolepsy (which is how she got her name). Plus she’s also a total riot.

    So I have decided to start recording our conversations.

    Noddy: What are you doing darling?
    Me: Just doing some writing.
    Noddy: That’s nice… why?
    Me: I really like writing, you know that… I wish I could just do it full time (Author note: I was seeking a confidence boost, some sort of live and die by your dreams type speech).
    Noddy (incredulous): Why would you want to do that?
    Me: What do you mean?
    Noddy (voice gets louder): Well, where on earth did you get the urge to do that?


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