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    — By Alice on July 22, 2010

    The world wide web has been taken by the storm that is JTL, or Johnny The Lad to those who don’t like to use acronyms. He is a man of wisdom, with a truckload of sneakers; and in his blog http://www.seasonofsneakers.com/ he cleverly combines the two.

    Me: What motivated you to start your blog? 
    JTL: Having more than enough shoes that I could easily wear a different pair each day for a whole season.
    Me: Your blog has become much more than just about sneakers, was this always your intention?
    JTL: This wasn’t my intention, I was expecting a question or two every few days but not this. The majority of questions aren’t even about sneakers, I can’t believe how many questions get asked.
    Me: You’ve become something of a Modern Guru, have you considered talk back radio? Or doing an Agony Aunt style column in Cleo?
    JTL: I haven’t considered this, but when winter 2010 comes to an end if there is some extra work out there that I could do i’d be interested, hit us up.
    Me: What’s the hardest question you’ve been asked so far?
    JTL: The Stones or The Beatles?
    Me: What is your motto in life?
    JTL: I did get asked this question before and said: just be yourself and don’t worry what other people think. But I’ll give you another one: what is life if you don’t have fun.
    Me: What is the one talent you wish you had?
    JTL: I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson.


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