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    — By Alice on November 21, 2013



    This week I attended a university talk given by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. It was, to date, one of my career highlights and reminded me of why I decided to move to Paris in the first place. Once In A Lifetime things like this happen to me on a weekly basis. It makes all the queuing and the cold and the wet bearable (just).

    Karl is certainly a legend in our industry and although he has some well-rehearsed answers he always has something new and entertaining to say. Also he is a fan of Lorde, so big ups to the NZ singer (who we interviewed for the first issue of Miss Vogue).  To be fair being number 1 in the US charts for weeks on end is a greater accolade, so congrats on that too.

    I covered some of the highlights from the class for The Cut (NY Mag). You can read it in full here.


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